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Let me tell you a little more about us. Alex and I are happily married and we work together at every wedding and photo session. We have three awesome children. Joey Victoria who is 2 years old and our twins Bianca & Alex, who were born in June 3rd 2015!
I love listening to music. I'm a huge Bon Jovi fan and when Alex isn't around, I'm usually singing out loud while working on the computer. I enjoy watching martial arts & figure skating; both of which I competed in when I was younger. I was pretty good in Tae Kwon Do, so you better don't mess with me... just kidding.
I love eating cereal, salads & sushi! My world wouldn't be complete without them! Sure, I'm a little crazy. And Alex is the official dishwasher at home and he loves cars and could talk about them all day. Our TV adiction is Shark Tank. We both are fluent in Spanish as it is our first language. We have a dog named Troy who always makes funny noises when sleeping. We love our life and each other and the freedom of creating images that reflect this crazy thing we are living called love.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Telling Stories of Hope & Happiness

Hello Guys, This New Year I want to welcome you to our Fan Page in a different way. 2017 is going to be the reinventing year for Blanca Duran Photography. This year I will truly focus on the important things that matter to all of us- Relationships. Because no man is an island, we all need communication, and through this media- Storytelling will surface to show you what Life, Art and Love is all About.

So, here is one of the reasons I love to create images. I create them simply because people find the need to keep them. Wait, what? Yes, we find the need to keep them because It is human nature - but why so?Why is it important to our brain to keep those images? BECAUSE they are not just images -They are Stories!

Since the beginning of time we have told stories. Stories that help us understand what lies behind things. So we are used to hear them and we look forward to pass our own to new generations. So the pictures of our family, the pictures of our loved ones, the pictures of our wedding - Those are not just pretty faces or poses, those are actually stories of us.

You see, only we know what we have gone through to make it this far. So knowing that, makes those images more valuable. Those images of our wedding, our children, etc - The story behind those makes them invaluable. Then and only then they turn into a piece of art that you can admire. Those images make you fall in love all over again, they bring you smiles and they bring you happiness and hope.

That’s why I'm passionate about it! My work is there to remind you that even when a hundred things might not go the way you planned, there is always hope. So I capture you and your loved one and translate you onto an image for you to see that your story matters and for others to believe in love all over again. Every story is worth being remembered and immortalized.

“Taking pictures is only a job. But Telling Stories of Hope & Happiness is my Passion” Blanca D.

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