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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Award Winning Images!

We are very happy to find out the results of the competitions we have entered so far this year. These are the results:

Competitions by PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

District Competition: 
"Hotel Romance" Award (received plaque) for Best Wedding General   Exhibit. 

IPC (International Print Competition):
"Hotel Romance" Accepted to PPA's General Collection 
"Miss Radiance" Accepted to PPA's General Collection.

These now are part of the General Collection 2014 of Professional Photographers of America. They will be in exhibit next year in Nashville,TN during Imaging USA 2015.

                                                   "The blog settings make this image look red! See original in website"
For Photographers:
"Hotel Romance" Shot during a wedding day at Hotel Galvez 
Couple: Jamila Gordon Hernandez & Brent Hernandez 
Canon Mark III, lens Canon 16-35mm. One light behind the couple only.
ISO 1000
Lens at 16mm
1/100 Sec
I had to bring back the light in the background in the editing process, which caused a little grain, but I was fine with it. I fixed some hard shadows on the floor caused by the flash behind the couple. Instead , I surrounded the floor with shadows from her dress, which only existed in one side.

For photographers:
"Miss Radiance" Shot on location at night (the sky is our background)
 Canon Mark III, lens Canon 70-200
Two speedlites; one on each side at about 6 ft. to highlight & shape her body and a third speedlite with an umbrella as a diffuser above my head to fill in her face and have some catchlights in her eyes.
ISO 2000
Lens at 200mm
1/25 Sec!
I used monopod to stabilize the lens as I was using a very low speed. I had to use low speed, because I didn't want to sacrifice sharpness. I stuck to F/7.1 :)

Model: Michelle Holland Persek
Makeup: Thalio Beckham
Hair: Erica Marni Edwards
Dress: Brickhouse Bridal

Competition by WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) 

This year was my first time entering senior images to competition. I entered my images to WPPI The results caught my by surprise. Two of my images scored high and received a Silver Award. Besides, one of them made it to 2nd place, which is even more respectable. This competition receives hundreds of entries and it recognizes the best of the best Internationally. For this I am truly honored and motivated. 

These two pieces of Art I created for my clients represent a big part of their life and future. Alexander Ju is very passionate about Tennis and has played it since his early years. Now he is the number one player and captain of his High School Varsity Team. Shania Johnson comes from a family of artists. Now she sings in her own band "The Johnsons" together with her two brothers. They are currently in the pursuit of a big career in music.

"Tennis Boy" Second place and Silver Award
 "The Singer" Silver Award

    For photographers:
    Shot with a Canon Mark III, lens 16-35mm. Canon 600 flash off camera at 45º on the right side set
    at 6 ft distance.
    ISO 100
    Lens at 16mm
    1/100 Sec
    Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

    For photographers:
    Shot with Canon Mark III, lens 16-35mm. Two flashes off camera. One on each side set 10 ft apart.  
    to highlight her body and arms.
    ISO 300
    Lens at 32mm
    1/160 Sec
    Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. I removed a few shadows from her face caused by the flash on
    the right side. I cropped the image to show a less distracting background.

For PPA, that makes a total of 5 images in the General Collection (3 from last year)  I am very proud because I am working very hard to improve my skills and with your support I will continue doing so. It will take time, that I know, but to continue accumulating these points will not only help me to reach for Medals and Awards, but it will bring me close to earn my Master Degree from these two Important Associations. Although I already have one from Goldsmiths College University of London, these are with no doubt the most recognized by Professionals around the world. Thank you to our fantastic clients, friends and family for believing in us.

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