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Monday, January 23, 2012


So you were wondering why we haven't posted anything in the last week right? Well, we were kind of busy attending PPA's (Professonal Photographers of America) annual convention IMAGING USA. This year the event took place in the magical New Orleans, where Photographers from all the country gathered to learn fom other photographers through conferences and master classes. Also to learn about new products during one of the biggest trade shows.

We spent an entire day taking Joel Grimes Master Class, learning about creative lighting, which was exceptional! The following three days were mainly continuous conferences starting at 7:30 am, which was a pain for us (we are not morning people). But a cup of coffee and three slaps on the face did the trick and got us very awake and eager to learn!

Of course not everything was about education. We enjoyed the many parties that PPA threw for us and of course we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful city of New Orleans and all the amazing things it has to offer.

With Vice President Tim Walden
                  Here with acclaimed speaker Sarah Petty Photographer and Marketing specialist

    Do you know who this guy is?  after parting the last night, I got this photo taken with Robert Evans,
    he is well known for being a celebrity photographer. He photographed Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, 
    Brad Pit & Jennifer Aniston weddings among many others! He is such a nice guy and shared his strategies during his class.  

Here just playing around with Jerry Ghionis' new product. The Ice Light. Isn't this light

And we did some sightseeing. Here Bourbon street, which is Crazy!!! Interesting, but crazy!

These guys were funny!

Walking on Bourbon St.

This guy was hilarious.

Alex at the train station. We found out that the station had one stop next to our hotel, so we jumped on it and rode to Cafe du Monde.

    Friends, this is a place that you must try! Joey K's in Uptown is so delicious! The Eggplant Napoleon        
    appetizer, and Shrimp Magazine were two of the best things we ate there. Just a suggestion: have
    them at the same time, or you will get full with the appetizer as it is a little heavy, and you won't
    enjoy the rich flavors of the Shrimp Magazine.

     Another great place, The Palace Cafe, in Canale St. You must try the Alligator Etouffee. The meat
     has a very particular flavor and the rice a very enchanting popcorn flavor!
     Of course, you cannot leave this place before having the famous Banana Fosters. Our very kind
     hostess Nancy prepared it for us and she did a great job! We certainly enjoyed it. We finished it
     in less than 3 minutes!

Sucre is a little place we discovered in Uptown. I was blown away by their serious store design. I 
loved their brand and the way they use it in all their products; very clean and neat. Then I decided
to try a macaroon and I just liked it so much that I got a few boxes. :) The dark chocolate one 
was my favorite!

    And a must go and eat all you can! Cafe du Monde. This cafe has been here since 1862, can you
    believe this! It just sells coffee and beignets. We went there several times to eat them. We must
    have gained a few pounds after all these delicious food.

   Here Alex working at the lobby while I just chilled. =) We cannot be completely abscent from work,
   that's the downside of owning a business, but at least I relaxed this time while he took care of
   everything. He is that cool!

      Here we are outside the Oak Alley Plantation by the Mississippi River. This place has an amazing
      story. I'm glad we stopped and visited the historical place.

             Oak Alley Plantation

And finally we made some time to visit the Swamps! 

With the tour guide

 Amazing place! This shot is from my iphone.


  So, do you want to visit New Orleans? I want to go back again soon!

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