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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello friends. We’re so happy these days! We just spent 5 fantastic days at the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Imaging USA Convention. Photographers from all over the US and the world gather to learn from renowned professional photographers. Our ideas were refreshed and twisted around which resulted in our inspiration dramatically rising 177%, hehe! (I’ve been reading the Economist) We’re really excited about our next steps. Bon Jovi says it best ‘I found my way, I’m here to stay’…

Just like in Hollywood, photographers have their own famous celebrities; you should have seen my excitement. We were able to meet super talented photographers whom we admire. The first two days were focused on Studio Management which was really intense. We got to spend time with the very talented and successful couple Jamie and Todd Reichman, wedding photography specialists who operate a studio in Dunlap, IL. Thanks guys for staying up late with us!

Jamie giving advice about photography style.

At the Charities Auction, Imaging USA.

We also bumped into Allison and Jeff Rodgers from Allison Rodgers Photography, currently regarded as one of the most profitable studios in the US. And just so you know, their work has been featured on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine! We spent more than an hour chatting with them in the hotel lobby. They are incredibly kind people who we now deeply admire. We were very appreciative of their time and the words they left us are priceless.

Yeah, bad lighting. You see, it was on purpose, so you can see how important is
to use fill in flash =)

Later, we were happy to see David Ziser; the internationally renowned wedding photographer and our mentor. He's been all around the world teaching and inspiring others. Remember when we got the $7500 grand prize in 2009? While attending his workshop during his US tour, we were the lucky winners of all that great equipment. You could imagine our excitement when we got to see him again. He is a legend in his medium and we very much admire him and all that we've learned from him. He is the Steven Spielberg of photography. We're lucky enough that he's even blogged about us in his Digital Protalk site!


Jerry Ghionis, this Australian photographer blew our minds! His images were amazing and listening to his narrative about the creative process was overwhelming. We had found the greatest professional inspiration, creativity, and motivation all in one in individual. This man is unbelievably gifted and is known for being the MacGyver of photography. He is also recognized as one of the top 5 photographers in the world! We couldn’t believe that we hadn’t met him before. He reminded me of the simplest things I used to do when I started photographing people; not to see limitations, to use whatever I have around me and make the ordinary something extraordinary. I identified with his way of seeing things and his passion for reinventing what is in front of your eyes.

As you can read, what we want to express in this post is the unforgettable experience we had that has become a turning point in our professional lives. Alex and I are so grateful for the past few days and we are looking forward to next year’s Imaging USA! See you in our next post.

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